Sponsorship Opportunities

We are excited to announce the return of the Virginia State Conference, become a partner with us!

Vendor Package. Build your own sponsorship

  • Standard size booth: $1,200.00
  • Larger booth upgrade: $800.00 (3 spots available) – 3 spots sold –
    • Each booth includes 2 tickets to the event. Additional tickets: $75.00 each
  • Logo on the welcome bag: $100.00 (25 spots available)
  • Pop-up banner with logo: $275.00. (4 spots available)
    • Banner will be placed around the conference with NARPM information.
  • Large welcome banner with logo: $350.00. (2 available)
    • Banner will be hung at the entrance with NARPM information.
  • Speaker banners with logo: $150.00 (6 available) -Sold Out-
    • This will put your logo on the speaker banner for each room.
  • Poker table for the Casino event: $600.00 (5 available)
    • It includes a sign featured on the table with a mention of recognition and a few minutes to speak at the event.
  • Open-bar Hours for the Casino event: $1350.00 (2 separate bars, 2 hours each for a total of 3 spots available) – 1 hr sold –
    • It includes 5 minutes to speak prior to the bar opening and/or during the event.
  • Break for the attendees to include coffee, sodas, and snacks: $1,200.00.
    • It includes 5 minutes to speak to the room and space to put out materials prior to the sponsored break (4 available)
  • Logo on 100 cocktail napkins: $75.00 (9 available)

We want you to have the best experience possible so here are the additional things that will be provided for you:

Breakout session with a round table discussion for all vendors to participate in. This will allow you as a vendor to participate in the conference in a larger capacity than simply standing at a booth. We encourage everyone to attend this amazing opportunity to be a part of NARPM’s very first vendor-focused class and discussion.

Additional ways to gain more exposure if all of our spots fill up fast. Of course, this all is first come first serve basis and we want everyone to be involved as much as they would like! Contact us for more details on how you can reserve your spot!

If interested please contact Sarah Butler at: sarah@stoplossva.com / 804-566-4905